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Home Media Option (HMO) was originally an optional feature for Series 2 Stand Alone TiVos. Users had to pay $99 to receive this capability. HMO eventually became a standard (free) feature on all Series 2 Stand Alone TiVos and was upgraded and renamed Home Media Engine (HME). HMO basically consists of scripts to pass text-based scripts back and forth between the TiVo and the remote PC.

Home Media Engine (HME) is an upgraded version of HMO that added audio and video file transfers between the PC and the TiVo, in addition to all of the HMO features.

Home Media Engine Applications are programs that work with the Home Media Option allow your TiVo to interface with your home computer to add all sorts of functionality, such as playing music, bidding on Ebay auctions, reading news feeds, viewing stock prices, and interfacing with your home automation controller.

List of Applications

  • Amazon Unbox On Demand: Buy and rent Amazon Unbox videos directly from your broadband-enabled Series 2 or Series 3 TiVo receiver! Features:
    • Browse the entire Amazon Unbox video library.
    • Personalize up to 10 different lists of Movies, TV Shows and TV Show episodes to make future ordering easier. Keep track of videos you want to purchase or rent in the future.
    • Full access to Your Media Library to download and manage any of your purchased videos again.
    • Supports 720p and 480i resolutions on TiVo Series 3 receivers and 480i on TiVo Series 2 receivers.
    • While browsing listings, all items you've previously purchased or rented are shown in green.
    • Download free previews from Amazon Unbox and watch them on your TiVo ToGo-enabled receiver.
    • Run as a service under Windows NT/2000/XP/Vista

  • TiVo NetFlix RSS Reader: If you are a NetFlix user, you probably have wanted to be able to take a look at your NetFlix account directly from your TV. This application allows you to do just that. NetFlix provides a lot of your account information in “RSS” format, which can easily be translated into screen you can view from your TiVo.
  • TiVo TrafficCam Viewer: Many areas of the country now have road cameras or traffic cameras covering their most problematic traffic areas. This application is designed to let you choose and save a list of the cameras you’re interested in, and quickly view them from your TiVo before you leave for work.
  • Audiofaucet: Whether your music is organized in iTunes or in a folder somewhere on your hard drive, AudioFaucet is ready to serve it up to your TiVo!
  • Galleon is a free open source media server for the TiVo® DVR which allows you to enjoy many kinds of content and interactive applications right on your TV. The server runs on your home computer and organizes your media collection so that they can be viewed on your home network. Galleon also brings Internet content and applications to your TV.
  • Music Monkey: Music Monkey is a program written in Java that runs on a PC or Mac on your home network. The TiVo acts as a display and input device, sending keypresses on the remote control to the program running on the computer, and displaying data from the program running on the computer.
  • TiVo Bloglines: Allows the user to login to their Bloglines account and read feeds through their Tivo.
  • TiVo Movie Rental Plugin: A TiVo plugin to manage your online movie rental queue. Blockbuster Online is currently supported. It uses HME to provide the TiVo interface and can either run standalone or as a plugin to Galleon.
  • provides a directory of HME applications which you can run on your TiVo DVR. currently offers 15 TiVo HME Applications.
  • HME Satellite Radio: This uses the Tivo (TM) SDK HME capability to allow you to control/view/PLAY your Xm Satellite Radio (TM) XMPCR or XM Direct (with proper cable) from your Tivo. It also has the ability to control/view/play Xm Radio Online from your Tivo.
  • HmeYme: Control your Yahoo Music Engine from your Tivo. It uses the Tivo (TM) SDK HME capability along with YmeSocket (a Yahoo Music Engine plugin which allows you to control it via socket commands) to allow you to control/view/play whatever is in My Music or ALL of Yahoo Unlimited
  • Stock Viewer For TiVo: This application provides an easy way to keep an eye on your stocks, mutual funds, and market indices, all from your TiVo! The application comes with a little configuration utility that will let you enter one or more lists of ticker symbols (along with an optional number of shares, if you also want to track dollar value). Once your lists are entered, you can view your lists, updated regularly, from your TiVo.
  • Homeseer Plugin: This plug-in allows TiVo® DVRs to control their HomeSeer devices and trigger HomeSeer events.
  • tivo-www: This is a sample TiVO HME application for viewing web pages on your TV. The current goal is to allow browsing of specific web pages rather than the web in general. This is for a number of reasons including, TV’s resolution, lack of a Java wrapper for firefox that renders into a lightweight peer and the obvious one of, well, if I want to surf the web at large I’ll boot my laptop.
  • Remote Control: The Remote Control application enables you to control your computer from your TiVo. It displays your computer screen and lets you pan around the screen and type in a variety of keys using the TiVo remote.
  • ApcupsdHME: Apcupsd monitoring agent for use with TiVo DVRs supporting the Home Media Engine (HME). ApcupsdHME is similar in concept to the multimon CGI scripts, only it displays UPS information on your TV via the TiVo HME instead of a web browser.
  • eBay on TiVo: This sample application is a case study for bidding functionality from a TiVo Box using the TiVo Home Media Engine (HME) and the eBay Java SDK. It provides search functionality for the categories Books, DVDs, Music and Video Games on eBay. All BuyItNow items matching the query entered in the search will get displayed. The user can browse through the list and see the details for each item. If the user wants to buy the item displayed, he or she can do this by using the remote control. This can be a great way for an Affiliate to complete this application, make sure its gets distributed to the TiVo system, and turn bids through it into money.
  • TiVoSlimserverClient: TivoSlimserverClient is a software application that turns your network-enabled Tivo Series2 DVR into a streaming audio client for SlimServer.
  • TiVoSlideshow: TivoSlideshow is an application for showing a series of images accompanied by music, intended for use on the Tivo DVR (Series 2 or higher).
  • pyTiVo: pyTivo lets you stream most videos from your PC to your unhacked TiVo. It uses the HMO server protocol, so no hacking of the TiVo is required. It will guess if your video is 4:3 or 16:9 and pad your video if it thinks it is needed. It will not transcode a mpeg if it is in a format supported by your TiVo. It will transcode other non-supported formats using FFmpeg. It will stream TiVo recordings (.tivo).
  • Season Pass Getter: Season Pass Getter is a free Macintosh-only application that allows you to automatically download and transcode TiVo recordings for playback on a number of devices. SPG takes TiVo content and transfers it to iTunes. When a show is transferred to iTunes, SPG can initiate an iPod sync. Wake up in the morning and your shows are ready to go.

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