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tmf2ty_cfg is a Windows program that converts TMF files (extracted shows) to TY files that are easier to modify and convert to other formats. According the the author (Riley/rc3105):

tmf2ty_cfg is a windows binary that extracts ty from tmf. these ty are insertable with mfs_ftp & compatible with all ty utilities. If savepath.txt is in the directory with tmf2ty_cfg.exe (or in the dir with the tmf under some versions of XP) the first line of the file is used as the output path. these are tcl paths so use forward slashes - "x:/extracts/" "d:/my_recordings/" "v:/video_files/" etc


tmf2ty_cfg.exe can be downloaded from the first post of this thread on


  • Download the file and extract it using [1]] or equivalent.
  • Copy the file tmf2ty_cfg.exe into the same directory as the TMF file that needs to be converted to a TY file.
  • In Windows Explorer, drag the TMF file onto the tmf2ty_cfg.exe program
  • tmf2ty_cfg.exe will automatically crate the TY file in the C:\extracts\Show Name directory.
  • If you want the output to go to a different location, create a file named savepath.txt in the directory containing tmf2ty_cfg.exe and the TMF file.
    • Make the first line of the text file the location to which the TY file should be created and use forward slashes between directory name:

Alternative Methods

TMF files are TAR archives of TY chunks. It is possible to unTAR the TMF file and then perform a binary join on the individual TY files to make one single, large TY file.

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