Commercial Vendors offering TiVo modifications

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Legitimate Commercial Vendors

A listing of legitimate commercial vendors offering TiVo hardware and software (in alphabetical order):

  • sells network upgrades, serial cables, drive upgrades, brackets, and much more. They are also a reseller of the DVRupgrade CDs that contain licensed kernel mods and software images.
  • (formerly known as PTVupgrade) pays a licensing fee to use the kernel mods and software images they sell; they are the only dealer licensed to distribute such hacks. They also sell drive upgrade kits and networking hacks.
  • sells upgrade drives, remotes, power supplies, cables, new TiVos, and much more.

Illegitimate Commercial Vendors

  • does not pay fees to copyright holders yet continues to distribute their software. It is not recommended that anyone purchase a hacked / network ready TiVo from this site. Other items and hard drive upgrades do not violate copyrights.
  • Ebay has several volume vendors of pre-hacked TiVos that violate the copyright agreements, especially a seller by the name of shaunisnow, but there are others.