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Add6x (add6x.tcl) is for Series 2 DirecTv TiVos. It was originally called Add63 (add63.tcl) because it was for HD TiVo needing an update to version 6.3, but has since been expanded to non-HD DirecTv units as well. This script grabs the latest software upgrade slices for your TiVo from the satellite download steam and copy them to your drive. You can then manually upgrade your TiVo (using instructions on this page) to the latest software version without having to connect a phone line call-in to DirecTV to activate the upgrade.


Official TiVoCommunity thread on Add6x:


  • copy the file over to your Tivo (any directory) - make sure you use binary transfer mode
  • make the file executable
chmod 755 add6x.tcl
  • execute the file

You should see the following message after running the file:

If the 6.2 slices are still in the stream, they
should be put into MFS after the next 2AM download