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Once a specific code is entered using the TiVo remote, the Skip Forward button (the -> button just below the fast-forward button) is converted into a 30-second skip forward button. The feature must be reactivated each time TiVo reboots.

Prior to entering the special code, the Skip Forard button is used to skip between the tick marks that are spaced every 15-minutes in recordings. This functionality is still maintained after activating 30 Second Skip, but one additional step is required before skipping forward in 15 minute intervals -- see details below.

How to Enter the 30 Second Skip Code

  • Go to the TiVo Now Playing screen and start playing a recorded show.
  • Enter the following command using the TiVo Remote Control:
0 (zero)
  • You will hear 3 "bing" sounds indicating that the code was accepted. Note: you will not hear the "bing" sounds if you have TiVo sound effects disabled or if you are playing back a program recorded in Dolby Digital sound format.

Comcast TiVo

If you have a Comcast Motorola box with the TiVo upgrade, enter the following remote control commands: All you have to do is hit the following key pressed:

  1. Rewind
  2. Slow
  3. Fast Forward
  4. Play
  5. 3
  6. 0
  7. Advance

Using 30 Second Skip

  • While watching a recorded show, click the skip forward button.
    • The skip forward button has a -> icon on it and is located just below the fast-forward button
  • The show will skip forward 30 seconds for each button press
  • To skip through a 2 minute commercial break, click the skip-forward button 4 times
  • If you skip forward a too far past the beginning of the show, click the skip backwards button (located below the rewind button) to skip backwards 5 seconds until you find the beginning of the show.

Using Skip Forward 15 Minutes when 30 Second Skip is Activated

  • While watching a recorded show, press the Fast Forward button once to start fast forwarding
  • While Fast Forwarding, press the Skip Forward button one and the show will jump 15 minutes forward (to the next tick mark on the playback bar at the bottom of the screen).
  • Press the Play or the Skip Backwards button to start playback again at the new location in the recording.

How to Disable 30 Second Skip

  • To disable the 30 second skip feature, enter the same Select-Play-Select-3-0-Select code used to enable 30 Second Skip.
  • 30 Second Skip can also be disabled by rebooting the TiVo. The 30 Second Skip feature is not maintained between reboots of TiVo.


This feature was removed from TiVo software 2.0x but added back in software versions 2.5 and later.

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