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You must boot to Linux to perform modification on TiVo drives. Most people don't have a PC running Linux, so they create a bootable CD and boot their computer to Linux using it.


If you performing a drive upgrade, the best free bootable Linux CD is available from Go to the download page and download the latest version. It will an ISO file.

How to Burn and ISO to CD so it is Bootable

You do not simply burn the ISO file to the CD (so that you see an *.iso when you browse the CD with Windows Explorer.)

An ISO file is a special container for CD data. It includes many files within and also special sector data that, when written to the CD in the proper format, make the CD bootable.

Windows does not have native support for burning ISO files, so you'll have to download third-party software. Below are two methods for adding the appropriate software to Windows and burning and ISO file to CD in Windows.

See this page for details:

Nero Burning Rom (trial or full version

  • Download the latest trial version from
  • Install Nero on your computer
  • Open the Nero Burning Rom application.
  • Close the start-up box.
  • Go to File menu -> Open and select the *.iso file you want to burn to the CD
  • Burn the image to the CD
  • Insert the new CD into your computer and you should be able to boot to it.


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