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DeleteShows.tcl is a tcl script created by Rbautch that runs on the TiVo and deletes stubborn shows that can not be deleted otherwise, due to failed mfs_ftp transfers to the TiVo.

Download and Installation

The file can be downloaded from the following thread:

Extract the archive, ftp the files over to a directory on your TiVo (such as /hacks) and make the files executable (chmod 755 *).

Running the Scripts

The script deletes by show name and will perform wildcard matches. First, get a list of the shows the command will delete.

The following command will list (but not delete) all episodes of CSI Miami.

tivosh deleteshows.tcl "CSI: Miami" -ls

The following code will delete all episodes of "CSI:Miami" and "Miami Vice":

tivosh deleteshows.tcl Miami

There is also a script called deleteepisodes.tcl included. It works just like DeleteShows.tcl, but it searches episode titles rather than show titles.

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