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Included in All-In-One S2 utilities is a file called 'fakecall.tcl', which makes the Tivo think the daily call has been successfully made.

Fakecall.tcl (aka fixsub) is a script that runs on TiVo as is available as a part of the All-In-One TiVo Command Line Utilities. The script provides two features:

  1. Each time it is run, it prevents the nag message that "A sucessful daily call has not been made within the past XX days."
  2. It allows so initial network configuration without first making a daily call via phoneline. Tivo first wants to make an actual call before it will allow access to the network configuration options; running fakecall.tcl will show that this requirement has been satisfied, so a real call over a phone line is not required.

It's best to schedule fakecall.tcl to run from a scheduled cron job (so that it runs automatically on a predetermined basis.) It is also recommended to run fakecall.tcl from the rc.sysinit.author file, to make sure it gets run each time TiVo first boots.

Fakecall must be run frequently to avoid the nag message, so it should be runs daily with crond (or with a callsub script that runs it of a looped program.)

Applies to

Fakecall.tcl is for Series 2 DirecTiVos only. Standalone TiVos must connect to the TiVo service to download program guide data where as the DirecTiVos download this guide data from the satellite.

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