HDMI Failures on the HR10-250

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Many early HR10-250 receivers experienced a failure of the HDMI video output port. Changes were made to the card and the mainboard connector to solve the problem.


  • This only applies to the DirectTV Hughes HR10-250 HDTV TiVo

Identifying Models with the New Improved HDMI Board

Receivers manufactured after January, 2005 have the new HDMI board.

  • If the receiver does not have a manufacturing date displayed on the label, it was manufactured after January 2005 and it contains the new improved HDMI board.
  • If the receiver has a manufacturing date prior to January 2005, it has the old-style HDMI board.

Below is picture of a label from a HR10-250 with the old-style HDMI card. It shows a date-of-manufacture in the lower right-hand corner.

Hr10-250 old label with date.jpg

Description of the Problem

The HDMI failure is due to solder joints between the motherboard and the HDMI card.

Below is a picture of the original card (not the new improved version of the card.)

Hr10-250 hdmi board.jpg

Below is a picture showing the failed solder joints (notice the cracks in the solder joints.)

Hr10-250 hdmi board failed solder joint.jpg

Repairing a failed HDMI board

If your HR10-250 is still under warranty, you might be able to send it back to DirecTV for replacement. However, as of Jan-2007, you will most likely receive a non-TiVo HR20 DRV as a replacement. To have your existing receiver HDMI card repaired, you can contact CCS Corporation at http://www.ccscorporation.net/; they generally charge $100 for the HDMI repair.

Overheat Error only when using HDMI

This was a common problem when certain HDTVs were connected to the HR10-250 via HDMI. Software revision 3.1.5f generally resolved this problem. If you are still receiving this error and have software revision 3.1.5f or later, you may have a different problem. If the error just occurs with HDMI, consider using Component video cables as a last resort to get a HD signal to your TV.

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