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Hackman -- A Hack Manager module for TivoWeb/Plus Hack Manager is a plug-in module for TivoWeb and TivoWebPlus by David R. Hill (PortlandPaw). It allows the user to start and stop TiVo hacks, such as telnet, tivoftp, TiVo Control Station, TyStudio, tytools, cron, YAC, autospace, EndPadPlus, elseed, elseedyac, and ccxstream, etc.

Hackman also has the ability to edit startup scripts, including rc.sysinit, rc.sysinit.author and config files for other programs. NOTE: Please read the warnings about these features!

Hackman includes support for xPlusz commands and backdoor codes as well as incorporating JJBliss's bufferhack, KeepUpTo and TCTimout utilities, which are available separately from the author, as described in the README.

Hackman features

  • Starts and stops hacks in real time
  • Creates rc.sysinit.author files to simplify setting hacks to start when TiVo boots. One click and a hack is either added or removed from the startup sequence.
  • Can manage other start-up files such as hacks_callfromrcsysinit
  • Provides information about multiple start-ups and command conflicts
  • Executes backdoor commands such as setting 30-second skip
  • Sends backdoor commands to the TiVo at boottime
  • Provides a TivoWeb interface to execute xPlusz commands
  • Can switch between TivoWeb 1.9.4 and TivoWebPlus on the fly
  • Provides means to set root directory read-only or read-write
  • Sets startup parameters for EndPad, EndPadPlus, YAC and elseed
  • Support provided for TiVoVBI (closed-caption display)
  • Provides protection against reboot cycling caused by corrupted guide data
  • Remote reboot capabilities
  • Remotely executes bash command lines
  • Auto-configures itself -- no .cfg file to mess with!
  • A preference screen provides flexibility -- for example, password protection is optional, as is display of backdoor commands, bufferhacks, and the display of boot load items.
  • Set internal TiVo time and date -- helpful for an unsubbed Series 1 being used as a VCR
  • Copy active partitions to inactive partitions and flip, if needed
  • Customize the banner to say "Living Room" or "Bedroom" instead of "TivoWebPlus"
  • Adjust the time zone setting to allow for new DST start and end dates
  • On-line help
  • In development since 2004
  • Successfully tested on Series 1 and Series 2 standalone and DirecTiVos, as well as HD TiVos.

CAUTION: Adding or removing hacks from the startup sequence will overwrite any previous rc.sysinit.author file. A backup copy will be made, but please look at the README and plan accordingly.


The latest version can be found here: http://www.tivohackman.com/


Check the readme file in the hackman.zip file. Basically, it's the standard installation. Nothing fancy. Bufferhacks are available from the author, as described in the README. Please do read the README!


Click the "About Hackman" button and look for the other pop-up links for the various menu items. Upgrades and debugging information will be found at:

Acknowledgements by the Author of Hackman

My appreciation goes to sanderton, cojonesdetoro, JohnSorTivo, JJBliss, EvilJack, n4zmz, BTUx9 and many others who have been particularly helpful in inspiring the hackman idea and providing assistance when I spun out on the learning curve. And thanks to everyone else who has contributed to TiVo programming and together have led the way.

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