How to Solve a Hardware Error 51

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After restoring the backup image of one TiVo to another TiVo, a hardware 51 error can occur. To resolve this problem, a Clear and Delete Everything can be performed to resolve the problem, but this will also delete all recordings and season passes. This can result in no networking on a modified TiVo. This page describes how to solve the "Hardware Error #51" without performing a "Clear and Delete Everything".

Applies To

All TiVos


Install the script AlphaWolfs 51killer.tcl on your TiVo and run it to perform the same actions as a Clear and Delete without breaking networking. This script will also solve a "Hardware Error 51" problem that occurs when installing a backup image from another TiVo into a different TiVo.

The scrip is available on this DealDatabase thread:

For more details about what the script does, see this post:

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