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Overlap Protection is an optional feature that must be enabled by the user, and is recommended for all users. If one program is 1 hour and 1 minutes long, overlap protection will make sure that the show with the higher Season Pass priority be recorded in its entirity. In Series 1 TiVos and Series 2 TiVos with older software, the second show would not be recorded at all, because of the time overlay. But Overlap Protection captures the 59 minutes of the second show that would have otherwise been missed. Wouldn't you rather watch all but the first minute of that big season finale, rather than none of it? That's what Overlap Protection does for you.


Overlap Protection is or will be available on all Series 2 and later standalone TiVos. Also will be avaliable on DirecTV Series 2 in 2008. It is not available on Series 1 TiVos.

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