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Telnet is a terminal / command line interface that allows you to connect to a remote system an run commands. There is a telnet client built-in to Windows but can cause carriage return errors when it connects to Linux computers, such as a hacked TiVo that has telnet enabled. For this reason, it is necessary to install a different telnet program if you want to connect to your hacked TiVo from a Windows computer.


TeraTerm Pro is a free, reliable, and easy-to-use telnet program for Windows available from Ayera Technologies which can be downloaded from their website here: link. It is recommended to use TeraTerm Pro to telnet into a TiVo.


PuTTY is designed primarily to be an SSH client for Windows, not telnet. If you want to use it to connect to TiVo via telnet, the Telnet settings must be modified from their defaults.

Go to Putty Configuration -> Open Connections Section --> Telnet ---> Uncheck the box in the Telnet Protocol Adjustments Section for Return Key sends Telnet New Line instead of ^M

Windows Command Line Telnet Modification

The default Windows telnet program is not initially compatible with TiVo. There are 2 options to make it compatible.

  1. go to the command prompt and start telnet by typing telnet
  2. Enter the command unset crlf You will need to do this at the beginning of every session.
  3. Now connect to your tivo by typing o
  4. Make this change permanent by making changes in the registry. See this TCF thread for details and a download: Batch Script to Modify Terminal Settings (this batch file also makes a change which allows you to use the backspace in the session.)

It is recommended that you use TeraTerm instead of the "Microsoft Telnet Version."

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