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For Mac OS X.

Enter your TiVo IP and MAK and it will get the listing from your TiVo. Click the Episode/Description for longer info. Click on folders to show contents, click "Download" to download & decode shows.

You need a networked Series2 TiVo with the 7.2.2 update and transfers enabled, or a Series3 with the 9.2 update and OSX 10.4.3. Please report any bugs, and I will fix them.

If you have any trouble updating from an older version, try deleting the prefs. (~/Library/Preferences/widget-com.apple.widget.NowPlaying.plist)

Upcoming Features: -Full Series3 HD Support -More Detailed Info -Bonjour AutoDetect for easy setup/no need for Static IP on local network


Main page: http://www.dashboardwidgets.com/showcase/details.php?wid=281

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