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A Java HME streaming video server for Tivos which lets you stream video (mpeg2/h.264 mpeg4) to your series 3 Tivos from your computer(s). Unlike Tivo To Come Back (TTCB) a copy of the source video is not made on your Tivo. Some advantages over TTCB are:

  • No copy is made on the Tivo, so you don't have to worry about deleting it after watching
  • You can organize your videos in any structure you like on your computer to make them easy to find rather than having to copy them to Tivo and live with very limited organization capabilities of the Tivo.
  • You can store your video files in multiple places across multiple file volumes and give friendly names to the shares you wish tivostream to see. All the shares you configure are then available in one place in the initial tivostream screen with names of your choice.
  • For mpeg4/h.264 videos you can watch them in their native format without having to transcode to mpeg2 on the fly as Tivo Desktop (or other TTCB applications) currently does.
  • Since the HME server is in complete control of remote control functions it's possible to define further navigation options than is possible with normal Tivo video playback such as arbitrary skip n minutes back or forwards and other interesting ideas.

This application presents a hierarchical file browser where you can browse for video files located anywhere on the server running HME (your computer). You can specify 1 or more shares and give them friendly names and they all are presented in the opening screen. You can then select any of the shares and navigate to a file to stream to your Tivo. You can then watch the video with all the normal navigation functions you are used to (plus some more interesting ones). You can left click out of the video to return to the file browser mode to select more videos to watch or to exit the application.


Program Main Page: http://code.google.com/p/tivostream/

TiVoCommunity Forum Thread: http://www.tivocommunity.com/tivo-vb/showthread.php?t=403066

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