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TivoWebPlus is a web server which runs in TiVos.

It is very popular among DTiVo users as it adds functionality to TiVo such as being able to set recordings over the internet and undelete deleted shows. It also allows the addition of custom modules which add more features to TivoWeb.

TivoWebPlus is based on the original TivoWeb project and its latest release is 1.3.1. TivoWebPlus v2.0.0 is a complete rewrite aimed at better support for Dtivo.

Recently, TivoWebPlus v2.1-beta has begun being tested. It is the continuation of development of the v2.0.0 stream.

Rbautch Enhancement Script has a customized version of TWP. TheTivowebplus main menu is modified to show the name of your Tivo at the top of each menu – helpful if you have multiple Tivos. For details on how to make that possible, follow the link at the beginning of this paragraph.

External References

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