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TyShow is a codec that allows video files extracted from a modified TiVo to be played back in Windows using any program that supports the Microsoft Windows DirectShow multimedia framework. TyShow is not for playback of shows extracted from an unmodified TiVo using [TiVoDesktop]. TyShow plays files both standard definition shows from Series 1 and 2 TiVos and high definition shows from a Series 2 DirecTiVo; there is no Series 3 support at this time.


  • Any Series 1 or Series 2 TiVo
  • TiVo must be modified and recorded show Encryption must be disabled
  • Shows must be extracted from the TiVo to Windows PC, using a program on the TiVo such as [mfs_ftp]


  • Download the latest version of TyShow from the TyShow SourceForge download page.
  • Extract the files to a folder (such as TyShow-BETA-0.15) using 7zip or equivalent.
  • Move this folder to a permanent location, such as C:\Program Files\TyShow-BETA-0.15
  • Register TyShow with Windows by double-clicking the register.bat file in the TyShow directory.

Using TyShow for TY File playback

  • TyShow will playback both [TY] and [TY+] files extracted from a TiVo using a program such as [mfs_ftp]
  • You should receive 3 pop-up messages stating:
DllRegisterServer in TySplitter.ax succeeded.
DllRegisterServer in Mpeg2DecFilter.ax succeeded.
DllRegisterServer in VsrvSrc.ax succeeded.
  • On the Windows PC, double-click a [TY] or [TY+] file
  • You will receive an error message Windows cannot open this file, choose the option to Select the program from a list
  • Select Windows Media Player' from the list, select Always use the sleected program to open this kind of file, Click OK
  • You will receive an message from Windows Media Player stating The selected file has an extension that is not recognized.... Select Don't ask me again for this extension and click Yes
  • The file should start to play in Windows Media Player


  • Run the file unregister.bat' in the C:\Program Files\TyShow-BETA-0.15 (or similar) directory.
  • Delete the C:\Program Files\TyShow-BETA-0.15' (or similar) directory.

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