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TySuiteJ is a Java-based program that can run on any operating system that supports Java. It handles extraction and conversion to mpeg. The user interface is great and you can use TyToMpeg as an external converter if you want. It also has built-in transcoder profiles for specific devices such an ipod, iphone, trio, DVD. The author may also setup a profile for the AppleTV (or you can create your own). The transcoder profiles use ffmpeg. This allows a single step extraction and conversion to your desired format. All in all, it is a very slick program and the developer is actively adding features and fixing bugs.


There are 4 major tools:

  1. The Graphical User Interface (GUI) - Similar to TyTool, but with an improved GUI. One click transcoding of Ty files to almost any format, including iPod.
  2. The Web Server - Stream/download/transcode/view* ty/mpg files from your favorite browser and smart phone.
  3. The UPNP and MyIHome Server - A feature rich media servers for audio, video, and photos.
  4. The CLI (Command Line Interface) - Extract and browse your Tivo from the command line.

The core of this tool is software that will extract, remux and transcode TY streams into mpg streams on the fly. It has a couple advantages over existing tools:

  1. All tools allow you to extract from the Tivo and convert to .mpg on the fly. No intermediate steps or TyShow not required.
  2. The converter handles HD properly. Nothing else out there can extract and mux HD properly on the fly.
  3. The .mpg converter is extremely robust and will handle streams with severe drop out problems.
  4. All tools will run on any platform that supports Java. That's pretty much everything but your phone. Well, maybe some phones.
  5. You can programaticly list NowShowing, extract Ty streams and .mpg files from a remote command line. Nice for the unix guys.

See the new /help/readme.htm for installation instructions and options.


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