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Overview of How To Undelete Recordings

The Recently Deleted Folder shows up in the Now Playing show view. When you delete a program, it is not immediately deleted, but rather moved to the Recently Deleted folder. The show will stay there for some time, depending you how full your drive is, how many new recordings are scheduled, and how many shows you delete.

This feature is useful for an instance when you accidentally delete a show. On older TiVos, the show would be gone forever, but not if you have a newer TiVo with a Recently Deleted folder.


Overlap Protection is or will be available on all Series 2 and later TiVos. It is not available on Series 1 TiVos. It is available on all Series 2 and later Stand-Alone TiVos. This feature is planned to be added to all Series 2 DirecTiVo models starting in early 2008.

Undelete Hack for Older Models

If you have an older TiVo, you can still undelete recordings, but it takes much more effort. You must modify the TiVo kernel to allow third-party software to be installed, and then install TiVoWebPlus. You can then connect to TiVoWeb Plus from a web browser on your home network, view the recently deleted programs, and undelete them. Info on how to modify the TiVo kernel and install third-party applications can be found elsewhere on this site.

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