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TiVo Publisher Screen Capture

TiVo Publisher for Windows Home Server (WHS) uses the TiVo HME "Calypso" protocol for Windows Home Server. It was created by Rob Durfee. The add-in installs as a service, which makes your WHS music, photos, and videos shares browsable from any TiVo that supports home networking.


  1. Download the installer from [http://durfee.net/software/2007/07/tivo-publisher-for-whs.html]
  2. Copy the MSI file to your \\SERVER\Software\Add-Ins folder.
  3. Use the Add-Ins tab in the Console Settings to install it.
  4. When prompted for credentials, enter server\Administrator for the user and your Server password for the password.
  5. After the Console closes, restart the Console and open Settings.
  6. Go to the TiVo Publisher for WHS tab and verify your settings (see the next section).
  7. Click the "Start Service" link
  8. Close Settings and go to the TiVo Publisher for WHS tab.
  9. Select Clients and click Refresh. The list should populate with the TiVos and any TiVo Desktop PCs on your network.


  1. Port - this is the port that TiVo/WHS uses to communicate with the TiVos
  2. Cache Photo Thumbnails - this option saves a thumbnail version of the photo for quicker retrieval and browsing. I recommend creating a share something similar to "\\server\cache\photos" and allowing it to save there.
  3. Use XML files for metadata - this option creates xml files that can be used to set the metadata when you view or play a video on the TiVo. You can use these files to set the Title, Episode Name, Description, etc. I have my metata folder set to "\\server\cache\metadata". If you leave the folder blank, the XML files will be created in the same folder as the video. I plan on adding the ability to edit the metadata from the Console in a future revision.

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