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TyTool is a program that runs on the PC and allows for the extraction, editing, and converting ty-mpg or ty-vob of recordings from some models of TiVos. You can edit out the commercials, and then place the file back onto your TiVo via mfs_ftp or TiVoServer. With TyTool, You also have the ability to convert the file from the native TiVo "ty" format to mpg or vob, and then burn this onto a DVD.

The last version of the program, TyTool 10r4, can be found in this DealDataBase thread

One disadvantage is that you can only extract ty files. ty+ & tmf files can not be extracted with TyTool.

Although TyTool still works, it has not been updated since 2006, and TySuiteJ has become a popular way to extract & convert shows to mpg with it's friendlier interface, and different options. TyTool does still have an advantage over TySuiteJ in that it can edit the files. Even if you choose to extract with TySuiteJ, you can still choose to edit the files using TyTool.


Your TiVo must already be modified. At minimum, it will need to have networking enabled, you'll need to have telnet and ftp running on the TiVo, and you'll need to have encryption disabled in order to edit or convert the ty files. See other pages on this site for instructions on how to modify your TiVo to meet these requirements.

Installation - Series 2

NOTE - I only have a series 2 DTV, so I do not know how similar the Series 1 will be..

There are 2 zip files you will need to download TyTool10r4.zip & Cygwin-12-14-05.zip

Both of the files you will need are located in post 2 of the TyTool 10r4 DealDatabase Thread. Be sure to put the cygwin1.dll file inside the folder TyTools is in on your computer.

The best step-by-step instructions I have found for TyTools can be found at WeetHet here:

I recommend downloading the files from the DealDatabase thread mentioned above, then starting on the WeetHet page "Installing tools on the TiVo." From this point, the instructions shows & illustrates how to download, edit & burn to DVD very effectively.

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